The World's Fastest Depleting Resource is Water...

In a world made of Water, we need to protect and conserve this precious resource so crucial to life. Our goal is to encourage better legislation, community action and awareness amongst the water consumers on this great earth.

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JAUNT Aims to Reduce Water Runoff, Bills


JAUNT - Stormwater Utility Fees in Charlottesville

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Howard Council Approves New Stormwater Fee

By Blair Ames

MARCH 29, 2013 - Howard County property owners can expect to see a new fee on their annual tax bill in July.

After a three-hour legislative session Thursday that included the passage of 17 amendments, the Howard County Council voted to approve legislation creating a state-mandated stormwater fee to fund stormwater restoration projects. The average residential property owner will be charged about $105, according to county officials, but the fees are expected to be lower for most residential property owners in the east part of the county and higher than $105 for most in the west.


Imagine H2O Names Winners of Consumer Innovations Prize

Doug Buch and Scott Bryan receiving Imagine H20 AwardMARCH 19, 2013 - PaveDrain, LLC announced as winner of the Early Revenue Track of the 2012 Imagine H2O Consumer Innovations Business Plan Contest.

"Imagine H2O is a global conduit for water entrepreneurship and innovation," explains Tamin Pechet, the organization's Chairman and Co-Founder. "Our programs support entrepreneurs who establish financially viable solutions while creating jobs and generating economic activity."


Understanding How Essential It Is For Regular Maintenance of Pervious Concrete

We continually promote the need for maintenance of pervious concrete or any kind of porous paving in order to keep the system working properly. The voids must remain open to allow the water to infiltrate. That is what a porous paving system is designed to do.

We recommend that the ASTM1701 procedure is done when the pervious concrete is initially installed, so you have a baseline for future comparisons. If this is done periodically, every 6 months, you can tell if the infiltration rates decreases, you need vacuuming. The problem is you let it go one year, and it appears to be still working. Then another year, and another year, and all of the sudden the pavement is plugged solid and the freeze thaw cycles have started to destroy the surface.


D.C. Looking for Solutions for Flood-Prone Neighborhoods

Watch the Video, NBC News4 Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is looking at possible solutions to flooding that plagues some D.C. neighborhoods. News4's Jackie Bensen reports.


By Nancy Stoner

Nancy Stoner Visit To Ernest Maier On a cold February day, I stood in a driveway in an industrial complex in Bladensburg, MD, just outside the nation's capital. Water from a 500-gallon container was gushing onto the ground in front of me. But rather than forming large puddles and flowing across the parking lot, the water was simply disappearing - not into thin air, but into a special system of permeable pavers called PaveDrain®.

Instead of letting rain flow off hard surfaces and carry pollution into local waterways and stormdrains, this innovative product captures it and allows it to slowly filter into the ground. Ernest Maier, a Bladensburg, MD company, manufactures the PaveDrain system and had hosted me for a demo. They are exactly the type of company that President Obama spoke about in his State of the Union address when he laid out a blueprint for an economy that is built to last - one built on American manufacturing, American energy and the skills of American workers.



Call to Action: An Intervention on Water

Pete Mulvaney stopped by the office to record his presentation from our Call to Action workshop. Pete has worked with the city of Chicago in a variety of capacities managing water. He does a fantastic job, and goes into great detail explaining the state of the Illinois region's water system. His presentation, in four parts: